jacknero (jacknero) wrote in sexfordummys,

Ok, so this might not be appropriate for this community,
so I've put the majority behind the cut. If it's not
appropriate, let me know, and I'll delete my post....

I'm basically looking for answers to some questions, and
in general some feedback, safety rules, advice and even
some suggestions on how to or not to, as the case may be
for what I'm looking for and interested in doing.

If you prefer to email me, please do


Thanks in advance.

A little introduction to who I am, and then to the meat of
my quandary, questions and hopefully answers to them...

I'm 29 years old, I've lived with some very interesting people
through out my life, and been in the fringes of the BDSM and
Kink communities where ever I've lived over the years. I am not
I would consider myself, NOT particularly kinky. I am in fact
when it comes right down to it, pretty vanilla.

But, I think that might be a misnomer, for in fact, I know that
my particular kinks, are in fact, voyeurism and I don't even
know if there's a name for it, "doing and performing my partner's
kink to and for them without necessarily being into it myself."

I've done, just about every kind of kink, the only ones I know
that I will not do, are blood play and water sports. I draw the
line there, everything else however, is fair game.

Recently, I've met a very nice girl, with whom I'd like to explore
her sexuality, her kinks, and more fully understand and perform
her kinks. But I lack I think a basic understanding, and I'm a bit
hesitant to really get into a lot of them for fear of hurting her.

So... here's where I ask for advice.

I would like to know, and hear some stories, or just general advice
on how to, safety rules, etc on some of these, and what to and not
to do. And perhaps some general tips on how to go about doing what
I want.

She is very submissive, and I am not so much a sub, but she says
I am very dominant, although I might be a switch, I don't know, but
I'm somewhat hesitant to do alot of things, but we've done the ones
I list below, but I don't think I know enough, and she's really not
one for explanation, either you know how to, or you don't.

I for one, want to know more, so I can please myself, and her.

A little background on her;

- She likes being a sub,
- Likes spanking
- flogging, whipping
- restraints and being tied up
- pussy slapping
- fisting
- anal play
- domination
- being made to feel "small"
- choking

again, thanks in advance, you'll be helping me out alot.

and helping a very nice girl, get whats coming to her. :)
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